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 Abundance Club is an exclusive online membership to our empowering 16-week holistic and mindset coaching program.

Not just any club, it is an empowering fusion of connection and coaching within our online ‘members only’ support group, and inspiring and impactful online events and live workshops.

Our members receive written programs, educational videos and LIVE coaching in the areas of MENTAL HEALTH, SELF LOVE, NUTRITION and SELF WORTH, so you can begin to master the amount of abundance you have in your life. 

Membership starts from as little as $11/week!

Abundance club will help you: 

  • Reduce stress, anxiety  & overcome self doubt

  • Improve your mindset & support your mental health 

  • Increase your everyday energy & motivation for life

  • Have better nutrition, ditch the "naughty" food cravings & lose that excess body fat

  • Ditch the overwhelm & have an organised holistic health routine

So you feel:

  • Empowered, with a greater sense of self love & self worth

  • Happier & more confident in your body

  • Fit, strong & healthier from the inside out

  • Successful with your health goals

  • Supported & guided and kept on track

  • Healthier & wealthier is all areas of life

All of this for less than a cup of tea per day.

Before abundance club I was struggling with stress and diet related acne. My acne became such a problem for me that I found I was socially isolating myself and becoming quite depressed.

I fell in love with Abundance club because of the holistic approach to health and wellness. The club helps you explore beyond just the physical, by highlighting emotional and spiritual aspects too.

By following the core principles in my daily living, I found that I have been living more abundantly and I feel less stressed and more confident and within one month my problem skin cleared up completely!

   - Leah


What You Receive when you join the club:

  • Exclusive access to our members-only Facebook support group

  • Weekly mindset coaching 

  • Improvement in your personal growth including increased self
    confidence, mental clarity, and self-love

  • eBook programs specialising in self love, nutrition, exercise & mental health

  • Daily inspiration and activities

  • Monthly wellness webinars and educational workshops

  • Mastering your money mindset and the wealth principles

  • Mini-wellness and self-love activities

  • Clean and natural whole-food nutritional support products for you and the family (with FREE nutrition support for the kids!)

    and so much more.....


Results our members have experienced:

  •  Weight-loss

  • Body confidence

  • More energy

  • Healthy cravings

  • Positive mindset

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Increased self love and happiness

  • Stronger immune system

  • Less pain & inflammation in the body

  • Improved fitness & body strength

  • Feeling empowered and successful

  • A growing savings account 

  • More educated with their physical and mental health 

It's time to feel the level of abundance you deserve, with more confidence, Health and self love.


For as little as a cup of tea per day!

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