Become an Ambassador of our Holistic Health and Self Love Program and get paid to work from home.

We work with wellness driven women who are dissatisfied with their lack of time, income or both.


Our mentorship offers women a simple blueprint and teaches them how to create an online wellness and mentoring business.


What we see is too many women working in the health coaching space, trading time for money and burning the candle at both ends with little financial benefit.  


Unlike other online business opportunities in this space, we provide mentorship from our own 7+ years of experience in growing our own thriving business. 


Our ambassadors and mentors have experienced phenomenal personal growth and have overcome significant mindset and business challenges. Giving us the know how to help you do the same. 


Working with us gives people structure, support and a proven system to create the income they desire and helps them feel empowered doing what they love.